How to use custom publications list?

Hi Owlstowners!
When creating a custom list of publications, i basically get an entry box to filter publications. This seems to be working as follows :
If i type “XXX”, only the publications of the author “XXX” will be shown.
If i type “XXX%YYY”, only the common publications of the authors “XXX” and “YYY” will be shown.

I need to know what should i type to obtain the publications of both authors “XXX” and “YYY” combined ?

Well, after contacting Ian, creator of Owlstown, i discovered that the custom publications list currently has support for three things:

  1. A general word search.
  2. Filter by tags. “tag: research”
  3. Filter by year. “year: 2023”

So basically, i discovered that i was using the general word search to get the publications list of a specified author, but i could not obtain the the publications of numerous authors this way because the “Filter by author(s)” option is not yet officially available. Anyway, i managed to get it done using tags.
Hope you guys find this useful.