Feature requests for 2023

Happy 2023 to everyone!

I would love to hear what new features you would like to see for 2023. Reply to this topic with your ideas. Of course, you can also share your ideas by email ([email protected]) or by messaging me on Twitter (@owlstown).

Owlstown continues to improve because of ideas, suggestions, and feedback from Owlstown users. Thank you so much!

If you’re curious what features have been added in 2022 and before, checkout the blog archive.

Hi @owlstown! I love this idea to collect ideas and suggestions! I realize that I need a sort of database for my publications, and the “publications” tab on the site doesn’t work great for that, as it’s more a list of citations versus direct links with PDFs (or links to publishers’ sites), etc. I am almost thinking something similar to an AirTable or Notion database would be helpful, including a place with a formatted citation, Google scholar link, publishers’ site link, PubMed link and PDF! Thanks so much!

Hi @whaley, thanks for the suggestion! Also, thanks for being the first Owlstown user to post in this forum.

So I understand the request, do you mean you want publications to be viewed in a table with columns for citations, Google Scholar link, PubMed link, etc.?

If you have a screenshot or a sketch you can share, that’d be super helpful.


Hi Ian,

You bet! Please see here for something I’m building in Notion to accomplish something similar.

Cheers, and happy new year!


Thanks for sending the screenshot, Colin. I understand now how you want it to look.

What benefits have you found by displaying your publications in a table? I’m concerned that a table view will not be mobile-friendly, but if I understand the benefits of a table, I may be able to figure out a design that has the benefits of a table, but also mobile-friendly.

If the OP is asking for a way to link to PDFs of articles, that is easy to do. If you go to my “Publications” page, you’ll see a link, click on it, and then you see a page that includes an abstract and links to various PDFs of the article.

I also was a bit puzzled at first–perhaps, Ian, how to do this could be spelled out somewhere more specifically?

Hi Cynthia,

There currently isn’t a way to link directly to PDFs from the publications list page. It is in my todo list to figure out how to support something similar to this.

Ian :owl:

Hi! So sorry for the delay. When I have needed to fill out my CV on online portals (in my case medical residency applications), having access to the URLs readily would have saved me a lot of time! I totally get that making it mobile friendly would be challenging, though! Thanks as always for your time Ian!