Connecting to an existing domain

Hi @owlstown,

I am trying to link my academic page to a subdomain of our institutional domain, which is hosted on AWS. I am encountering DNS and certificate errors (e.g. 1016) and am unable to achieve proper redirection. Can you assist me in properly setting the CNAME and A records, and configuring the HTTPS certificate?

Best wishes!

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Hi Ferdinand,

Thanks for posting this question.

To use your own custom domain, you have to subscribe to one of the Owlstown subscription plans. After you subscribe, follow the instructions for custom domains.

I’m not familiar with how your institutional domain works. Did your IT department provide you with instructions on how to set a CNAME record for a subdomain? If so, can you share it here, so I can take a look and confirm that it could work with Owlstown?

Ian :owl:

Thank you, Ian. Sorry for not reading the instructions and subscription plan details properly. I managed to set it up!

No worries! I saw your website with your own domain. I’m glad the instructions worked. Your website looks great!